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 First thing's first....thank you for stopping by and visiting my website. My name is Joe, and I love music. Especially, writing and recording music. Here....you will be able to check out my material, and about me. Music has changed so much over the past years....that it seems it has no direction anymore? I don't even bother with listening to the radio anymore. Nobody seems to play actual instruments anymore. But not me....I'm not the best musician in and around the area. But I'm not the worst either. The music I love to create, comes from my heart and soul. And it can be Funky....or Rock....or whatever. But my material is mainly "Guitar Based". My heros are all the guitar players from the 70's and 80's. I got my first guitar, on Christmas Eve, in 1986. Ever since, I've listened to everything I could get my hands on, and learn riffs and licks, from songs. So sit back, relax....and check out some tunes. Thank you again for checking out my new site!!!

Album Review for "A Blue State of Mind" by Winslow Family Productions

The Joe Wentz Project present their latest album, A Blue State of Mind. This album is a solid blend of rock and blues. While the blues influence is heavy on every song, especially the title track, the rock sound dominates. The first track, "All I Want To Do" is heavy, jamming rock song. It feels like it should have been cut for an AC/DC album. The title track "A Blue State of Mind" is basically a 5 minute guitar solo. A blues progression worthy of any jook joint holds down the groove and Joe Wentz shreds through the entire song. It's an impressive display of technical prowess matched with soulful expression. "Lost and Found" gives us a more sentimental track. The pace slows down for the first ballad on the album. Things pick up with "A New Horizon." This is an instrumental track that I would almost call cinematic. The progression is a bit more complex than anything else on the album. "Just Go To Him," the closing track, takes us back into ballad territory.  This is a heartfelt track with a narrative that elaborates on the idea of loving someone by letting them go.
Overall, A Blue State of Mind is a great escape into a sometimes bluesy, sometimes shred-y trip down rock and roll lane. Feel free to pick up The Joe Wentz Project latest release on iTunes and all major digital music retailers.

Also, you can find more info about Joe Wentz at his website: www.thejoewentzproject.com and on his Facebook page. 

A Blue State of Mind (Free EP!!!)

Her New Day Video

The Joe Wentz Project on Channel 24 News

Crash Landing

Rock My Way to You

Never Been Loved

Rivers of Words (feat Dean Gosnell)

Sunday Drive

The Joe Wentz Project Featured on Sports Radio

The Joe Wentz Project on D'Tong Sports Radio Show #2


A Little Piece of Heaven


Midnight Flight

Single "Halfway There"

Angels Never Die

Angels Never Die

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

by The Joe Wentz Project

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Smoke and Mirrors

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A guitar driven rock album...with an oldschool feel. Inluences can be heard in every track, on this album. If you were ever a fan of 70's and 80's rock...this album is for you!!!

  1. 1 $0.75 Just Wanna Run With You 03:20
  2. 2 $0.75 She's My Little Lover 04:32
  3. 3 $0.75 Her New Day 03:30
  4. 4 $0.75 She Just Drives Me Crazy 04:25
  5. 5 $0.75 Flying So High 03:58
  6. 6 $0.75 In A Dream 03:40
  7. 7 $0.75 The Piper 01:11
  8. 8 $0.75 Runaway 04:42
  9. 9 $0.75 Satch's Boy 03:41
  10. 10 $0.75 The Shoreline 03:03

Love Ain't For Stealing (single)

Her New Day (single)

Turn It Around (single)

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My name is Joe, and this is my first time having my own site. So hopefully things will go smoothly, and the site will get more visits as time goes by. My main genre of music that I have grown to love is "Guitar Driven" based. Where real musicians play real instruments. Maybe I'm a little out of touch, with the way things work these days. But it seems that a lot of folks, drop and drag clips, of instruments....instead of actually playing something? I've spent years and years, learning how to play and record. There is more of an accomplished feeling, when you record material, and you actually came up with the song structure....and "played" it.

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"A Little Piece of Heaven" by The Joe Wentz Project